Save Money in 2017 by Changing 5 Energy Habits

Save Money in 2017 by Changing 5 Energy Habits

New Year. New energy bill. Keep an energy resolution this year by incorporating some cash-saving habits.

1. Stop leaving the lights on - with automation.

Smart homes are all the rave. Not only is it a cool technology, but it's also helpful with saving money. You'll be able to control all of your lighting in just one touch – schedule and set the mood for any occasion – right from your smartphone. Save money without wondering, “Did I leave the lights on?” when you’re away from home.

2. Remember your windows.

Windows are a big culprit of heat loss in the winter. Even when your windows are thoroughly caulked, heat still travels through. Reduce this and save money by installing window treatments with an insulation layer built right into them.

3. Power Off Power Strips

There are never enough outlets – hence our reliance on the magic of power strips. You may not know it, but even when your appliances (such as your coffeemaker) are not on, they are still using energy when plugged into an outlet. Save some money by flipping our beloved power strips off when they’re not being used. 

4. What’s better than a long, hot shower? A money saving one.

Let’s optimize our warm water usage in 2017 and start saving some bucks. Simply install a flow restrictor to your shower head and you’ll save on both your water and electricity bills. Double the savings.

5. Go ahead and adjust that thermostat. From your phone.


Replace your existing thermostat with a smart one. You’ll be able to control heat or air conditioning right from your phone. Some smart thermostats adapt to usage, learning how to save energy for you. 


Did you know that with Level Billing your energy bill can be about the same amount every month? This means that we average your bill over a rolling 12-month period, so you have a consistent bill each month of the year – with no surprises. Best thing? You can sign up right now.

This is the perfect year to finally GO GREEN. Feel better about yourself in 2017 by helping out the planet. 

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